Makiroll is blog by JM Flores. 

Hello. I'm JM Flores, software engineer and frustrated writer.

I started Makiroll in January 2020 as a meaningful diversion and a space to share my thoughts with the world. Social media platforms serve these purposes well enough for most people, but not for me. Hence this website.

I write mostly about technology, but (almost) anything goes on Makiroll—everyday life, current events, anything except topics that tend to spawn toxic discourse (e.g. politics). As Makiroll is still very much a work in progress, I'm not committing to a schedule for now; I write from time to time, and I publish essays as soon as they're ready.

Makiroll is powered by Next.js, Vercel, and Forestry.

v0.2.1 "🐱" (July 2022)